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Portable Scale Systems

Using an aluminum platform in an alley or with a head gate

Permanent Scale Systems

Installed under a squeeze chute with bolts in concrete

Interested in a portable/alleyway setup

The most basic (and most popular) complete portable system is the EziWeigh5i system ,which is the EzWeigh5i indicator and MP600 load bars, and an AP600 platform for $2,374 total (includes platform discount and shipping costs).

For 24" wide alleys (most popular)

  • The AP600 platform $585. Shipping is $145.
  • The MP600 load bars are needed with this platform ($1,165 + $30 shipping). 
  • A scale indicator is also needed.

For 34" wide alleys

  • The AP800 platform $855. Shipping is $175.
  • The MP800 load bars are needed with this platform ($1,489 + $35 shipping).
  • A scale indicator is also needed.

Platforms are used in alleyways and can simply be placed on level ground (concrete is not required). This portable setup is easy to move, and setup takes just a few minutes - simply attach the bolts of the load bars to the pre-drilled holes in the platform. A rubber mat is already included which helps improve animal traction and minimize noise.  

Looking for scales to have under a squeeze chute? Check out more details, including a chart that shows which load bars are needed for common squeeze chute models.

Prices range $1,759 to $1,849 (plus $90 to $125 for shipping), depending on which load bars are needed.

Brackets are also needed for use with some chutes. Prices range $125 to $335.

The installation for load bars under a squeeze chute is very specific - please contact us for an installation guide for the specifics. Though a concrete pad under the chute is not required, the bolts of the load bars must be mounted in concrete to ensure safety for you and the animals. Once installed, permanent load bars are not made to be moved around to other locations.


You'll also need an indicator which displays the weight. The models range from one that just shows the weight, to ones that have internal memory, Electronic ID reader compatibility and more. Check out the Tru-Test indicator options, including more details and a comparison chart of the models. 

CattleMax cattle software

As the makers of the CattleMax software, we are happy to offer an exclusive $100 credit towards the CattleMax software with your scales purchase from The Cattle Scales Store.  



Wondering what equipment you need for your weighing solution?

See the Guide to Buying Livestock Scales


Portable install with platform in an alley

Permanent install bolted into concrete