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What Is Tru-Test Data Link -

Capture and send data from the weigh site!

Tru-Test Data Link is a free application for Apple iOS and Android which enables you to easily download data stored on your Tru-Test Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® enabled EID readers or weigh scale indicators.

  • Select a session file to email back to the office or send to another recipient.
  • Open a session and review individual animal records.
  • If you are not in a 3G or Wi-Fi area, the transaction will happen automatically the next time you come into range.
  • GPS location of data downloads attached to emails (optional).

IMPORTANT: Before downloading the Tru-Test Data Link app you will need to make sure you have email setup on your phone.

Tru-Test Product Compatibility with Apple iOS

  • XR5000 & ID5000 weigh scale indicators
  • EziWeigh7i weigh scale indicator
  • XRS/SRS2 EID readers
Download Data Link on the Apple App Store

Tru-Test Product Compatibility with Android

  • XRS/XRP2/XRS2/SRS2 EID readers
  • XR5000 & ID5000 weigh scale indicators
  • 3000-series weigh scale indicators
  • EziWeigh7i weigh scale indicator
  • Tru-Test Bluetooth adapter accessory

Download Data Link on Google Play