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CattleMax User - Creating a Cattle Group with a Tru-Test EID Reader

This article picks up after you have used your Tru-Test Stick reader to capture your Electronic IDs from the animals you just worked. You should have downloaded the information using the Tru-Test DataLink software and exported the data to an Excel (.csv) spreadsheet.

Remember: EIDs must already be in your CattleMax account and matched to a visual ID as well. If not look up the article on Importing EIDs into CattleMax.

Open your CattleMax account and go the 'Cattle' tab in the navigation menu on the left.

Click on 'add new'>'add new group'

The pop-up box will ask for a name - be sure to select a name that best describes the group - choose the Group Type to be 'Manually selected animals', and add Electronic ID to the list of information to show. Then choose 'Create Group'.

You should get a page that looks like this, has a 'Search Animals by Criteria' or a 'Search by List' tab at the top. Click on the 'Search by List' tab.

Copy and paste your list of EID numbers from your spreadsheet into the box next to 'Cattle to Find', change the 'Search ID Method' to 'Electronic ID and click on 'Search'.

A list of the animals with those Electronic ID numbers will be available for you to select/move into the group. After you have selected all or some of the animals (check mark in front of them), you can create your group by clicking the green 'Save Group' button.

Your group is now created and you can run group update actions to add the procedures you performed chute side.

This group will be available by clicking on 'Cattle' from the navigation menu on the left side of your screen. The groups are listed in alphabetical order.