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Whether you have used cattle weighing scales for years or are purchasing your first setup, The Cattle Scales Store offers a full line of Tru-Test scales.

With cattle scales, you'll be able to measure your herd's performance, make informed decisions, track weight gain, ensure accurate treatment dosages, and more.

We have a variety of resources available to help you be sure you are choosing the right scale system.

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Choosing A Cattle Scale System

When choosing a cattle system, consider where you will be weighing your cattle. Producers with a squeeze chute can choose to weigh the cattle while they are in the chute or weigh them in the alley before entering the chute. Producers who do not use a squeeze chute will want to choose the portable / alley weighing solution.

Weighing in an Alley (portable)

Alley weighing is a convenient and portable way to weigh your cattle. Installation is easy - simply attach the load bars to the platform using the pre-drilled holes and included bolts... done in 5 minutes.

The portability enables you to move your scale system to multiple locations with ease. Just load it in the back of a truck or trailer - no heavy equipment needed.

Components of an alley weighing system include:

Ideal for... smaller herds, those with several locations, and those wanting an easy install.

Weighing in a Squeeze Chute (permanent)

Weighing under a squeeze chute is a great way to have "set-it-and-forget-it" weighing. Once your load bars are bolted in to concrete and attached to your chute, you can rest assured that nothing will move or slide. Tru-Test offers several models of load bars that can be mounted to a wide variety of squeeze chutes.

Components of a permanent weighing system include:

Ideal for those with an existing squeeze chute who will be weighing many cattle during a session.

Learn about individual components

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Scale Indicators

The brains of your cattle weighing system. The indicator receives the weight from the load bars and displays it on screen. Some models also store weights and animal IDs.

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Load Bars

Load bars do the heavy work. When an animal steps into the chute or on the platform, they lock on to the weight, even as the animal is moving.

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Weighing Platforms

Platforms are used in portable installations and are durable to support the weight of an animal but light enough to be easily moved.

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Livestock Management Software

Import or record your weights in CattleMax to further analyze performance using measures such as adjusted weight, weight per day of age, average daily gain, and more.

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