Data Management

Improve Efficiency of Data Collection at the Chute

Rugged, reliable, and 100% water and dust proof

Compatible with Tru-Test scale indicators and CattleMax software

The easy way to track, analyze, and manage your cattle

You are taking time, effort, and resources to collect data – using data management options helps you make critical management decisions.

Centralized records, all in one location.

Accessible anywhere, anytime.

Generate reports and sorting options to analyze data.

Submit weight records to breed associations.

Generate reports and sorting options to analyze data. Submit weight records to breed associations.

Complete cattle software programs, such as the CattleMax cattle management software, helps you to “do something” with the data you’ve collected. As a complete herd management solution, CattleMax is the central hub for all of your on-farm/ranch records. From tracking detailed animal records to recording medical treatments, expenses, and more, CattleMax is on the go with you – anytime, anywhere simply through an Internet connection.

Did you know that by entering or downloading a weight and weight date into CattleMax that 6 performance-related values are automatically calculated? From Average Daily Gain (ADG – the average daily pounds of gain over a certain time period) to Average Weaning Weight (AWW – a standardized way to compare weaning weights for calves), you’ll have a better, more accurate, picture of how each animal is performing which can help with critical management decisions.

The Tru-Test weigh scale indicators and EID readers work well with CattleMax – get credit towards CattleMax just by purchasing your scales and EID readers from us!

BONUS for customers:

Receive $100 credit towards CattleMax with any scale indicator or EID reader purchase.

Apps to utilize with your scales or EID reader

Helpful apps for collecting, organizing, and managing your records in the office and when you are working with your scale system and/or EID reader.


Mac, PC, and mobile

Complete cattle record keeping

Available for Registered and Commercial herds

Free 21-day trial available

TagMax App

iPhone/iPad and Android

Create weigh sessions and enter weights into TagMax.

Also compatible with Tru-Test EID readers for seamless scanning of EIDs and entering of weights.

Tru-Test DataLink

iPhone/iPad and Android

After weighing your cattle, DataLink can download weigh sessions from your equipment to spreadsheets or CSV files.