Tru-Test Scale Indicators

An indicator is the "brains" of the scale system

Accurate, lock-on technology to capture weights of moving animals

Some models store weights, integrate with Bluetooth EID readers, and work with CattleMax management software

Entry Level Scale Indicators


Mobile-compatible and cost-efficient
  • Weights Stored: None
  • Preset Data Fields: None
  • Custom Data Fields: None
  • View Animal History: No


EID-compatible and memory capable
  • Weights Stored: 20,000
  • Preset Data Fields: 0
  • Custom Data Fields: 1
  • View Animal History: No

Advanced Scale Indicators


Larger screen + weight history
  • Weights Stored: 250,000
  • Preset Data Fields: 60
  • Custom Data Fields: 3
  • View Animal History: Yes


Most comprehensive
  • Weights Stored: 1 Million
  • Preset Data Fields: 100
  • Custom Data Fields: 6
  • View Animal History: Yes

Comparing Indicators

The S3 is great for:

No frills weighing

Upgrading to the EziWeigh7i adds:

Bluetooth EID reader connectivity

A memory for storing/saving weights

One custom field

Ability to download all weights to spreadsheet

Upgrading to the ID5000 adds:

Everything in the EziWeigh7i plus

A larger, easier to read screen

60 preset data fields

3 custom fields

Ability to view animal history

Upgrading to the XR5000 adds:

Everything in the ID5000 plus

100 preset data fields

6 custom data fields

Ability to manage life data and weigh data

Built-in dosage calculator

Getting more out of your scale system

CattleMax software

Any device with a web browser.

Indicators marked with a work with CattleMax software.

After weighing cattle, the scale indicator is connected to a PC and the weights are downloaded to a CSV/spreadsheet file, which can be imported in to CattleMax.

Only importing of weights is supported - comments and additional fields must be manually entered.

TagMax App

iPhone/iPad and Android

Create weigh sessions and enter weights into TagMax.

Also compatible with Tru-Test EID readers for seamelss scanning of EIDs and entering of weights.

Tru-Test DataLink

iPhone/iPad and Android

After weighing your cattle, DataLink can download weigh sessions from your equipment to spreadsheets or CSV files.

How to select a weigh scale indicator

Do you want to save weights on your scale indicator?

Memory-enabled scale indicators have the capability of storing weights and animal ear tags or EID numbers.

Benefit: Save time from hand-writing weights by storing weights on your scale indicator and then download them to a spreadsheet after working cattle.

Do you want to utilize an EID Reader?

Bluetooth-compatible scale indicators enable you to connect a compatible EID reader directly to the scale indicator. When an animal's EID tag is scanned, the EID number is sent directly to the scale and associated with the animal's weight. You can still use an EID reader with non-Bluetooth compatible scale indicators, however, you will need to use a mobile device and the TagMax app.

Benefit: Faster processing of cattle by scanning EID tags instead of manually entering tag numbers into your scale indicator.

Do you want to view animal history on your scale indicator?

Some scale indicators have an advanced display and memory capability which enables you to view an animal's history, including animal details and previous weights.

Benefit: Keep all of your information on one device instead of having information on laptops and mobile devices.

Wondering how to setup and use your new scale system?

All scale purchases from include access to the How-To Resources.

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