Take the Guesswork out of Weighing with Tru-Test Scales

Rugged, dependable Tru-Test weigh scales from CattleScales.com take the guesswork out of weighing so you can make informed decisions, track rate of gain on calves, ensure accurate treatment dosages, and more.

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Track weight of gain
Track weight of gain
Ensure accurate weights for medical dosages
Ensure accurate weights for medical dosages
Improve genetic selection
Improve genetic selection
Convenience - No need to leave the farm
Convenience - No need to leave the farm

Learn about the individual components of a complete weigh scale system.

A complete cattle scale weigh system consists of an indicator which displays the weight, load bars (which mount under a squeeze chute or portable platform), and a platform (if portable setup is needed).

Scale Indicators

The "brains" of the scale system. The indicator displays the weight and other functionality (depending on model).

Load Bars and Cells

The "heavy lifting" of the system. The load bars capture and then transmit the weight to the indicator.

Weighing Platforms

Needed for scales in an alleyway. The load bars are mounted under the platform through pre-drilled holes.

Wondering how to setup and use your new scale system?

All scale purchases from CattleScales.com include access to the How-To Resources.

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Need a more advanced scale indicator?

For advanced customizability beyond just ID and weight, check out the ID5000 or XR5000.

Need an install under a hydraulic squeeze chute?

Check out the XHD2 Load Cells, which work with all Tru-Test indicators.


Rugged equipment designed for rugged environments.

Designed specifically for animals that don't stand still while being weighed. A sack of feed may not move, but a 2470 lb bull sure will.

Waterproof and Weatherproof to ensure you can weigh your cattle under any conditions.

No electricity is needed for weighing. Your load bars connect to the indicator with a 16 foot cable for power and the indicator includes a long-life, rechargeable, internal battery that lasts 14 - 20 hours (depending on model).

Works with CattleMax software so you can seamlessly import weights and EID numbers into your cattle records.

This 2470 lb bull shows how the Tru-Test scales can stand up to years of use!

Getting more out of your scale system

CattleMax software

Any device with a web browser.

Indicators marked with a ? work with CattleMax software.

After weighing cattle, the scale indicator is connected to a PC and the weights are downloaded to a CSV/spreadsheet file, which can be imported in to CattleMax.

Only importing of weights is supported - comments and additional fields must be manually entered.

Tru-Test DataLink

iPhone/iPad and Android

After weighing your cattle, DataLink can download weigh sessions from your equipment to spreadsheets or CSV files.