Importing Weaning Weights into the CattleMax software

The steps to Weaning Calves- Importing Weights while weaning

CattleMax will calculate weaning weight ratios on a contemporary group of calves if they are weaned at the same time.

To calculate the weaning weight ratios each calf must have a Date of Birth, Birth Weight, Weaning Date, Adjusted Weaning Weight, Sex and they must be assigned to a Contemporary group when they are weaned. For CattleMax to calculate the adjusted weaning weight, the dam will need a Date of Birth on her record (for the age of dam adjustment).

The Weaning Procedure in CattleMax:

  1. Go to Dashboard/Weaning
  2. Select the Calves to be weaned
  3. Select, by checking the checkbox beside the ID of the calves to be weaned, or if all of them on the list are to be weaned, check the box in the header to Select All
  4. Choose your file with your CSV file. The file must have a minimum of 2 columns. One column for the animal id and a column that contains the animal weights.
  5. Click the Continue to Weaning for Selected Calves button at the bottom of the page.