Tru-Test Electronic ID Tru-Test Parts & Accessories

Equipment and accessories are in stock and ship from the warehouse near Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas, in 3 business days. All orders ship via UPS or FedEx Ground except for ones that include an AP800 platform which ships via freight carrier.

Please note that we offer Tru-Test parts as a courtesy to current and new customers. Aside from common parts such as cables and chargers, you will often need to contact Tru-Test support at 1 (800) 874-8494 to obtain part numbers / SKUs as we are unable to offer repair-related support.

Product SKU Price Qty  
Dust cap for XRS Stick Reader 820811 $14.33
Spacer for MP600 foot WLM60012P $3.60
Tru-Test Load Bar Nuts SNZ11200P $2.27
Tru-Test Load Bar Bolts SBZ2124507 $0.58
110V Power Adaptor - for SRS2/XRS2 EID Readers and S1 System 829488 $49.35
Tru-Test XRP 18 Foot Extension Cable 825649 $129.99
Tru-Test HD5T Bracket Set 668015BRKT $150.00
Tru-Test Silicone Sleeve RAW50302P $3.24
Tru-Test Hardware for Series 2000/3000 Bracket Assembly WIH80002 $5.63
Tru-Test HD Load Bar Foot Plate WHM50022P $68.25
Tru-Test HD Load Bar Centering Cup Unthreaded WHA30105P $25.86
Tru-Test HD Load Bar Centering Cup Threaded 834246 $23.45
Tru-Test Ball Bearing for HD Load Bar SCF14200P $7.46
Tru-Test Load Bar Connector Dust Cap EKZ31070P $10.50
Tru-Test 5000 Series - USB Dust Cap 823351P $6.18
Tru-Test EziWeigh6/7 Corner Bumpers (Set Of 4) 819797P $10.06
Tru-Test XRS to EziWeigh6/7 Cable 819639P $72.45
Tru-Test Power/Communication Connector Dust Cap 816604P $12.83
Tru-Test 5000 Series Rubber Bumper Kit 827834 $13.56
Tru-Test 5000 Series Car Charger 827195 $82.95
Tru-Test Spare Lead Out Cable XHD2 826911 $193.20
Tru-Test Spare Junction Box Kit XHD2 826910 $217.35
Tru-Test 5000 Series - 2x D9 serial cable for ID/XR 826637 $145.95
Tru-Test Spare XRP2 Power Adaptor (North America) 825646 $72.45
Tru-Test Spare End Cap for XRS Stick Reader 820786 $22.18
Tru-Test Power/Communication Connector Dust Cap 819798 $12.25
Tru-Test XRS - RS232/DB9 Cable 819821 $61.95
Tru-Test External DC Supply Loom WIL50111P $68.25
Tru-Test Power Adaptor for XR5000 and ID5000 826639 $75.60
Tru-Test Dust Cap for CA6/C16 Plug WGC70000P $12.45
Tru-Test XRS Rechargeable Battery 813295 $59.90
Tru-Test Adjustable Mounting Bracket 826641 $29.40
Tru-Test USB-RS232 Adaptor Cable Windows 8 824429P $40.47
Tru-Test RS232 Serial Null Modem Cable 813610P $18.66
Tru-Test MP Rubber Foot Assembly WLS60005 $49.67
Tru-Test D9 Serial Connection To EID Reader 818324 $47.25
Tru-Test XHD2 Bracket Assembly 806896 $409.00
Tru-Test Mounting Bracket WIH80001 $18.90
Tru-Test Series 3000/2000/EziWeigh2 AC (110v) Power Adaptor 808433P $46.99
Tru-Test Power Adaptor for Tru-Test EziWeigh 5/6/7 818348 $49.35
Tru-Test S3 Mounting Bracket 833979P $18.47
Washer 12mm SWG00012P $2.16