The History of was established in 2011 by Cattlesoft Inc, developers of the CattleMax software. The idea behind came from the many cattle producers using our CattleMax software. They would often ask our team for recommendations on the best weigh scale system that would help save time with weighing and stand up to ranching's rugged requirements.

Though the CattleMax team maintained a list of livestock scale manufacturers that we would share with customers, we refrained from making specific recommendations. The lack of specific weigh scale recommendations for livestock data management presented problems as a producer would buy a set of scales and have questions on getting more out of the data. The scale manufacturers would refer the customer to the software vendor... and the software vendor would refer the customer to the scale manufacturer. There was no single source for guidance on buying and utilizing weigh scales for livestock data management.

After achieving success with, where we offered custom-printed Allflex ear tags and identification producers, we saw there was an opportunity to partner with a leading weigh scale manufacturer. In 2011, Tru-Test was selected as the exclusive supplier of weigh scale systems and RFID readers for

Over the last decade, we have helped thousands of producers find the right weigh scale system to accomplish their management goals.