This article was created by the team and is provided to help our fellow farmers and ranchers. We would appreciate the opportunity to help with your cattle weighing needs!

Tru-Test Data Link Instructions

Using the Tru-Test Data Link App with your iPhone or iPad

(all screenshots are taken from an iPhone but would be the same for an iPad)

Open the Data Link App while next to your Tru-Test Scale indicator: EziWeigh7i, ID5000 or XR5000. Click on Connection Help which will guide you through connecting with your scale indicator.

Choose your indicator or EID Reader. We are working with the EziWeigh7i scale indicator for this article, so click on the icon for the EziWeigh7i.

The Data Link App will remind you to make sure your WiFi and Bluetooth are both on and then click on the Search for Bluetooth devices.
It will pop up a box and you have to wait for it to find the scale indicator. Make sure the scale indicator is turned on or it will not find it. This process could take up to a minute, so be patient. Once it finds your scale indicator click on it to continue.


After you click on the scale indicator model that you have it will take you back to the main screen and show an icon of your indicator and also says it is connected. You can now click on Sessions. This will give you a list of all the sessions on your scale indicator.

Once you see the list of sessions on the screen, click the one you would like to open.

Once the individual session is open you will see a list of the animals that were weighed. At the bottom left of the screen is a square with an arrow coming out of the top of it. Click this icon to open your email and attach the Session to the email. You can then email this Session to yourself or someone else. Once on your computer, you can open the session to analyze the information or upload it into CattleMax.

You also can open any animal on the list to see the details of the weighing.