Tru-Test Multipurpose MP800 Load Bars

SKU: 880 0000-240


Product Description

The Tru-Test MP800 load bars are used in wider than average portable/alleyway setup.

  • Designed for portable applications such as platforms, alleyways, crates, cages, and temporary installations. *Not designed for headgate or squeeze chute applications.
  • Specifically designed for use with the AP800 platform sold separately. In addition, a scale indicator, also sold separately, is needed to display the weight.
  • 32" long, 6600 lb. capacity.
  • Can be used with any Tru-Test weigh scales without calibration.
  • Minimal set up required - The bars can simply be placed on a firm level surface with a crate or platform mounted.
  • Galvanized coating for additional corrosion resistance.
  • Rubber feet provide extra grip and shock dispersal
  • Fully water resistant

Price is for a set of load bars which is 2 bars (as shown in the picture).

Includes a 2-year warranty.

Technical Details

  • SKU 880 0000-240
  • Weight (lbs) 40.8

Shipping Details

  • Cost $55
  • Method FedEx Ground / UPS Ground

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