About CattleScales.com

The Cattle Scales Store is a division of Cattlesoft, Inc - makers of the CattleMax cattle software

It's remarkable how much technology in the cattle industry has progressed, even in weigh scale technology which would seem like a basic area. Whether you want a weigh scale setup to collect weights real-time or be able to downoad them to a computer later on, the right cattle scales setup can be truly beneficial to your operation.

A number of producers have purchased a weigh scale setup, and then ask us to help them get everything integrated and working together. Sometimes, unfortunately, these producers did not get the right weighing equipment solution for them. With Tru-Test, we've found their equipment and service superior and the best fit for ranches implementing and using weigh scales. By only selling Tru-Test weighing equipment, our cattle weigh scale interface development time and resources goes into a better, more comprehensive integration solution for you. 

Put Cattlesoft's almost 20 years of cattle information and management experience to work for you. With over 10,000 using our software solutions, we've worked our knowledge of what works into an easy-to-use website.